James Terminiello

When not wandering the mile markers of ancient Rome, Jim has found the time to be a chief contributor to the film review book Seen That, Now What and has written more than 100 editorials that have appeared in such publications as The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Bergen Record, The South Jersey Times, The Courier Post, The Star Ledger, among others. He penned the screenplay for the film Motorbroom 182 currently in negotiation hell. On the professional side, he is the Editorial Director and Senior Writer at the New York accounting firm Berdon LLP and has served as a reporter for North Jersey Newspapers and the Advertising Manager for the U.S. Division of the British fashion company Laura Ashley and the safari clothier Willis and Geiger. Born in the fabled town of Hoboken N.J., he is a resident of Mount Laurel, NJ.  Married to Tara (A descendent of a Founding Father) for 35 years, he is a father to Alexander and Gillian and grandfather to the wee Elizabeth Curran.  He is a supporter of anything that will eradicate the affliction known as autism which has blunted the life of his son Alexander.

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Caligula's Kitchen Book III

Caligula's Kitchen: Roman Embers: Closing the trilogy, we find Logos crossing brains with the murderous empress Agrippina and the only man who could out-Caligula, Caligula - her rampagingly mad son Nero. Witness a duel of wits between a wily imperial food taster and a salivating poisoner with a wanton eye on the throne. See Caligula and Nero getting along famously until one realizes that the other "bears watching!"