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I am a mum of twins, a founder of Mumsjourney which I set up after I overcame postnatal depression, a blogger, motivational speaker and a finalist of Best Women in Business Awards in the category Best blogger who supports and helps make a difference in other people's lives.

I help mums to get through the hard times maternity often brings, especially from the emotional point of view. I truly believe that if we help future and new parents to be better informed on what to expect from parenthood, it can rapidly reduce the risks of postnatal depression. I hope that my work and support will help other parents out there to never have to feel the way I did after becoming a mum myself.

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Interview 23 October 2019

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Motherhood - The Unspoken

Motherhood - The Unspoken offers an authentic insight into the life of a new mum. It shows real stories of 10 different first time mums all the way from pregnancy throughout the first year of having a baby and, in the process, reveals the unspoken truths about motherhood no one thinks to tell you about. The main purpose of this book is to help future and new parents to set clear expectations, to break the stigma, and most importantly, to help reduce the risks of postnatal depression.