Harry A Milman

"Fascinating look at the science behind the deaths of famous people written for laymen"

"It is fascinating reading and I highly recommend it"

"Great read! Could not put it down! Forensic Fans will love it!"

"Fantastic publication that will have you glued to the book!"

"Enjoyable, Educational and Nicely Written"

Harry A. Milman, PhD, is a consulting pharmacologist, toxicologist, and expert witness with over forty years of experience at the US Environmental Protection Agency, the US National Cancer Institute, the National Institute of Health, and the US Public Health Service. Dr. Milman assisted in over three hundred civil, criminal, and high-profile legal cases and has testified at trials and depositions. He authored over seventy scientific articles and has edited five science books, including the highly acclaimed Handbook of Carcinogen Testing. Often quoted in newspapers and magazines, Dr. Milman appeared as a toxicology expert on the History Channel, the Oxygen Channel, TV and radio news programs, and in true-crime television shows. Dr. Milman is the author of two novels—A Death at Camp David, winner of the Best Mystery Novel in the 2018 Book Talk Radio Club Awards, and SOYUZ: The Final Flight, a finalist for Best Second Novel in the 2018 Next Generation Indie Book Awards and a finalist for Best Science Fiction Novel in the 2018 Book Talk Radio Club Awards.

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A Death at Camp David

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Soyuz: The Final Flight

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Interview 09 May 2018

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When a disgruntled astronaut decides to get revenge, all hell breaks loose! By the time the final flight of the Russian space capsule Soyuz docks at the International Space Station, Derek Johnson -- one of its passengers and the oldest astronaut to fly in space -- is sick with a severe case of food poisoning that does not respond to antibiotics, and he soon dies...