Harry A Milman

"What a find! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this first novel by Harry Milman"

"Loved it and cannot wait to read his next book!"

"Wow, I was up all night reading this book!"

"This is an incredible book, especially for those who like mystery and science"

"A wonder blend of space science and medicine"

"Milman might be the next Michael Crichton"

Harry A. Milman is a PhD toxicologist and the author of the science fiction/space exploration thriller, "SOYUZ: The Final Flight", and the wildly successful political thriller "A DEATH AT CAMP DAVID". As an expert witness, Dr. Milman assisted in over 275 civil, criminal and high profile cases involving drug overdoses, pharmacy errors, exposure to toxic chemicals and carcinogens, and assaults. Often quoted in newspapers and magazines, Dr. Milman also appears as a toxicology expert on radio and television news broadcasts, crime shows and feature films. Prior to becoming an expert witness, Dr. Milman was a scientist at the US National Cancer Institute, NIH, and a senior toxicologist at the US Environmental Protection Agency. His scientific publications include over seventy research articles and five scientific books including the highly acclaimed "Handbook of Carcinogen Testing." 

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A Death at Camp David

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Soyuz: The Final Flight

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Interview 09 May 2018

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