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"Was it a sad, happy ending or, a happy, sad ending?"

"Have to say I just loved the adventures of Baroness Aster Moffat of Woolfardisworthy

and her side-kick Miss Dorothy Gwendoline Hunton-Blather."

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I currently live in England, having retired from my previous employment as a self-employed website designer. Now, I devote all my time to writing. Since my late thirties, I've been nomadic, spending large periods in the United States, the Netherlands, Thailand and most recently in Cambodia. While there, I lived in Siem Reap, the home of the great temples of the Angkor Park. 

Much of my spare time was spent cycling around the countryside and seeing how typical villagers lived. Along with my companion, Sina, who provided much of the inspiration for my books, I would travel to a village and chat with the locals. Their stories are inspirational. I use these proud people as the characters in my stories. From young boys the subject of sex traffickers in the Cambodian Innocence Series to the fantasy characters in the Dragon Series, life in Cambodia has changed little in a thousand years. In The White Building, I was moved to write about deprivation in the capital city of Phnom Penh. 

My continuing desire to reach the weight of my youth is helped by my trusted bicycle, which carries me to places new for research, and wrecked by my love of cakes, devoured during the writing process. I tend to write in coffee shops, where full English Breakfasts are my downfall.

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