Grace T. Solomon

Grace T. Solomon is a higher education professional working as a senior performance consultant at the Open University, actor, motivational speaker, writer and author with a unique sincere and provocative voice that shines through in her debut book, TORN: Seven Stories, Seven Impossible Situations.

Grace has produced short plays and features extensively in a wide range of theatrical performances walking in the paths of her characters. Who are intelligent and fearless, but in real life, Grace is afraid of spider and sleeping in the dark.

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Interview 07 October 2010

Grace T. Solomon Interview 07 October 20Book Talk Radio Club
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A collection of short stories and novelettes. How far would you go to fight for survival…? In the stories in TORN choices must be made about survival, modern slavery, addiction, justice, freedom, love, faith and hope. In the face of harsh and unpredictable lives, the characters in these tales still manage to fight their way through. They hold on when all seems lost, take chances and fly on the strength of others.