Gordon Kuhn

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Gordon Kuhn was born in Chicago, Illinois in the summer of 1944. He joined the Marine Corps when he was seventeen and flunking out of high school. Gordon served during the Cuban Missile Crises and was also in Vietnam at Chu Lai and Da Nang. While in the Marines he received his GED. He has worked as a janitor, hospital orderly, cemetery salesman, insurance salesman, real estate salesman, lumber products salesman, insurance investigator, certified public accountant, forensic accountant, business valuation expert, dug ditches, poured concrete, driven a luxury limousine, and taught at the University of S. Florida for ten years teaching in two separate curriculum areas. Married to a wonderful woman he lives in Bradenton, Florida. He currently has two books of poetry on Amazon, a murder mystery, and a spoof on Fairytales.

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