Golam Maula

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"My name is Golam Maula. I was brought up in the U.K. and came from Bangladesh when I was 6 years old. I'm actually 43 years old. And I wrote two books. The first one was successful and people liked my writing and my story. That was called the Darkness turns to Dawn turns to daylight. That's what got me writing my second book. A dangerous mind. I am currently writing my third book which is based on a truly inspired story. I love writing and sharing my knowledge, but I was never good at it because I have dyslexia, which makes it difficult to write, spell, and use the grammar correctly on pen and paper.  But writing was my passion, so I never abandoned it. When I got divorced. I felt lonely, sad and depressed. Which made me write again. I created a group named "Share your thoughts with me" on Facebook. I was not good at computing. Because technology was always evolving. But I used my poor writing skills to tell stories or write articles based on a variety of topics and I saw people liked my storytelling or articles. I like to write stories based upon the experience or experience of life. Or write about a true story. You may say my mental health has led me to become a writer."

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