George Neeb

"Children will love this educational book about hieroglyphics and Egyptians!"

"A great book with a simple story and great pictures"

"I would highly recommend"

As an elementary teacher for over 25 years, George could see a need for more historical fiction picture books to help in teaching students about the past. He has always loved the graceful, simple style of Egyptian art, so he illustrated "Pharaoh's Arrow" in Egyptian style and used authentic hieroglyphics to reinforce the text. 


George lives in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. He can usually be found walking along the Grand River, traveling to new places, learning about history and art, spending time at his cabin by a lake, and enjoying his family.

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Interview 22 April 2018

George Neeb Interview 22 April 2018 - Book Talk Radio Club
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Pharaoh's Arrow

Akia loves living in an oasis far from the Nile River with her father. But when she is faced with another family tragedy, Akia embarks on a plan of revenge that takes her to the ancient capital of Memphis and to meet Almighty Pharaoh. She quickly learns that vengeance isn't as easy as it may seem! Come visit Ancient Egypt through a tale told in rhyming couplets, authentic hieroglyphics and historic papyrus paintings come to life.