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Q. Are most of the people you reach in the UK or also the USA?

A. The interviews reach globally - not just the USA and the UK, as the interviews are syndicated and marketed on social media through specialised groups on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, You Tube and Goodreads that have followers/members from all over the world. 

Q. Do you interview about all genres of books?
A. I DO NOT conduct interviews for the following genre of books: Religion and any book falling under H
orror and any of it's sub-categories

Q. Are the interview dates set in stone? What if I wanted to include my narrator or co-author too?
A. There are no hard and fast rules, I'm flexible! If you want to include a narrator or a co-author or even your top reviewer in your interview, it can be arranged.

Q. How do you measure "success" of the interviews?

A. The success of the interviews are measured simply by the feedback I receive from my authors. Also the amount of marketing I do for them and the professional content of the marketing posts. I have over thirty years marketing, copy writing and promotions experience behind me which I bring successfully to the promotion of my author clients.

Q. I'm nervous about doing an interview

A. That's OK but no need for nerves as your interview questions are emailed to you 48 hours prior to your interview. Remember I'm not here to test you but to help you promote your book! 

Q. How often will you post about my books/interviews during my membership?

A. As soon as you become a member of Book Talk Radio Club, an announcement is made on social media. Prior to your interview another announcement is made on social media. Once completed each interview is then uploaded and posted on social media and syndicated. Aside from these announcements, there are numerous posts throughout each month such as 'Featured Author', 'Authors in the Genre of' and more. Don't forget, the more you 'share' my posts to your social media platforms (accounts) the further the exposure of your books.

Q. What do you need from me?

A. Upon notification of payment received a 'Welcome to Book Talk Radio Club' email is sent within twelve hours requesting the following for your dedicated author page and interviews:

* Head and shoulders image

* Bio

* Links to your sales page 

* Links to your social media pages 

* Link to your Goodreads author page 

* Images of your book's covers 

* A brief synopsis of your book/s

Q. Where are my interviews/books marketed?

A. Your interviews are marketed to over 500,000 readers on social media via specialised groups on Facebook, also Twitter, Instagram, You Tube and Goodreads. They are also syndicated to Google Podcasts, iTunes, iHeart Radio, Spotify and Amazon Alexa devices. Posts in between interviews are marketed to all of the above but not syndicated.


Q. Do I have to use all three interviews in my 12 month membership, what if I don't use them?

A. Interviews must be used within the length of any of the memberships. It is the author's responsibility to contact Book Talk Radio Club to arrange any interviews after the first interview. If any interviews are still to be used and the membership has expired they cannot be rolled over unless agreed by Book Talk Radio Club and for any extraordinary circumstances. 

Q. Do I need special equipment for the interview?
A. No, not at all as long as the microphone and audio is working on the device you use for the interview (computer/mobile device). Please note though that using a 'Mobile/Cell Hotspot'  is advised against as these connections can be very unstable. A link to click on will be sent once confirmation of interview dates are confirmed. If you feel you are 'technically challenged', don't worry, I'll talk you hrough the process prior to your interview. I'm here to make you feel comfortable talking about your book!

Q. I have paid for my membership but have not received a confirmation from Book Talk Radio Club.

A. A 'Welcome to Book Talk Radio Club' email is sent out within 12 hours of receiving notification of payment. The email is sent to the email address supplied by PayPal upon notification of payment to Book Talk Radio Club. It will be sent from Please ensure you check your spam/junk folder as the 'Welcome' email may have gone there. It is not our responsibility to keep chasing payees/authors for information requested in the 'Welcome' email, however, we do email a second 'Welcome' email and if possible try to trace the payee/author on Facebook and message them to remind them to send information requested.

Q. Is my payment secure?

A. Yes, all payments are made via PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can still pay by credit/debit card securely via this platform.

Any further questions, please feel free to email

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