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Born Edmund Austin Stone at Abergavenny in the UK,  Ed's family moved to Malvern where until age 16 he was educated at Chase Secondary Modern School. After which he went to work initially at the Morgan Motor Car factory and then went on to working in the UK electrical industry. In 1968 Ed married his wife Valerie and in 1974 emigrated to Canada with her and their two children. Ed and his family lived in Abbotsford for twenty years and he worked in the BC electrical industry until forming his own company, Compu-Power Controls Inc. in 1988. Ed sold his company in 1996 and moved to Chilliwack. Since then he has had his own business, until semi-retiring in 2013

In 2014, upon finding an old-unpublished manuscript of his father's from circa 1974, Ed decided to get the book in print, as a memorial to his father's memory.

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