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Desiree Paul is a retired computer programmer whose first love was always writing stories. After retirement from the field of Information Technology, Desiree turned her sights to completing her writings and publishing her existing works. She has published her first book on Amazon - Rachel: A Life Interrupted. This story is based on the challenging life of her grandmother. Follow the story as she takes you beyond the words into the world of her grandmother's struggles for survival as a single mother in British Guiana. Her description of the social standards and life in this country are beyond interesting.
Desiree migrated to the United States of America 33 years ago from Guyana. She became an American citizen in the 1990’s and she is forever grateful for the opportunities and experiences that this citizenship has opened for her. Desiree is married and has two adult children. Writing and publishing is another path in the continued journey of her life. 

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