David Kurtz

D.M. Kurtz started writing when he was only 12 years old, although the full story for his first novel Retribution did not come to fruition until early 2015. It was published at the end of summer in 2017, and within the first month Retribution received a 5 star silver book review award from popular online magazine Readers Favorite.


Going forward, D.M. Kurtz continues to write the remainder of the his series The Redemptive Chronicles. He currently resides in Texas with his compassionate wife, beautiful daughter and two crazy canine companions. 

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Interview 06 January 2018

David Kurtz Interview 06 Jan 2018 - Book Talk Radio Club
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“It's been well over a hundred years since the last war ended and the King was slain, leaving the people bereft of leadership for the first time in ages. Gradually the knowledge of strange magic, fire-breathing dragons and other powerful creatures has faded, along with much of what was once known of the days when all were united under the royal banner. Now, there are some who whisper of an evil stirring in secret, but most ignore such tidings without any regard for what takes place.....