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Crissie Ann Leonard


"God found me when I  wasn't looking for Him. At first, I ran from him but he continued to pursue me. After a few years, I found myself in a difficult and dark season. I wasn't saved at that time but God met me there. He spoke of a better life that he had for me. He provided the light to illuminate that dark season. Years later, I gave my life to God and promised to follow Him wherever He wanted to take me. He called me to use the pain and the journey through the dark season as my message. He often spoke of writing as a way to reach others on their own difficult paths. I always loved to write stories in different genres.


One night, during a thunderstorm, an idea for a horror book took hold of me. I eagerly grabbed my notebook and pen. I prayed and began to write. After many hours of writing, I was too exhausted to form another word and went to sleep. The next day I eagerly awoke to read the story. I was shocked to see that the words didn't portray anything resembling a horror story.


Instead the pages spoke of people crying out as they lived through their painful seasons. That is when Letters to My Father was born.


I write Christian fiction books to show people God's presence in their lives and all around them."

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Interview 26 August 2021

Crissie Ann Leonard Interview 26 August 2021Book Talk Radio Club
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