Courtney Hillesheim

Courtney Hillesheim is a former New York public school teacher with over a decade of ESL teaching experience. After having her two daughters and returning to the classroom, she realized there is a vital need for parents to have access to the strategies, information, and perspectives that teachers use everyday in their classrooms. She created her company Parent Focus, becoming a parent educational coach and author with the focus of supporting parents in guiding their children through the 12 year process of formal education. 

"As a teacher and a mother, I realize that I interact with my daughter differently than I would if I had never been in the classroom. Every parent deserves to know that there are techniques out there that can really impact how they interact with their children's educations. That's why I write my books!" 

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The Parent's/Teacher Conference Book

Frustrated with your feedback at Parent-Teacher Meetings? Get ahead of the game by preparing before-hand! Parents are not seeing the effectiveness of them. When your child has a very open and communicative teacher one year and the next year is followed by a teacher with the opposite personality, how can parents still get the information they need? Whether your child is thriving in school or struggling, Parent-Teacher Conference Hacks by Parent Focus is the book for you.