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Life Purpose
Life Purpose

Published 15 Nov 2015 If you have got to the point in your life where you are asking the question 'What's it all about, why am I finding life so difficult?" My book will answer those questions. Chapters include: How To Find Your Life Purpose The Courage To Find Your Life Purpose Dealing With Your Past History Encouraging Others To Live Their Life Purpose This book has plenty of helpful and useable advice to help you live the life you were meant to live. It is concise and easy to read.

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The Dear God Letters
The Dear God Letters

Published 10 Aug 2016 You are not alone. Not for one minute, not for one second do you ever need to feel alone. This is a year's journal of letters, letters to God. Not the God that is supposed to be feared, nor the God that will strike you down if you do something 'wrong'. It's not a religious book. This is a book that will bring you comfort, serenity and peace in a crazy world.

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How To Stand Out From The Crowd
How To Stand Out From The Crowd

In my book, you'll find chapters full of helpful advice and I’ve also included examples of social media graphics, websites, book trailers (with links) and more from some of Book Talk Radio Club's authors to help you with the marketing and promotion of your precious books. Believe me, when it comes to marketing, there is a right way and a wrong way.

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Claire H Perkins lives in St Albans, UK with her beloved husband Melville and Henry, a much adored Cocker Spaniel. She has over twenty seven years of marketing and promotions experience behind her. Claire is the owner and inspiration behind Book Talk Radio Club and BTRC Author Services.

She enjoys walking along the many pretty nature trails, among the trees and by the lakes with Melville and Henry but has a longing to live somewhere that has a wonderful view of the sea which would be far more inspirational than her next door neighbour's ever full washing line! 

Claire spent many years in the travel business in particular writing about her experiences of ranch holidays and adventures in the Southwest and Rocky Mountain states for the family business. Her favourite place and adventure of all time was whitewater rafting on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, she readily admits she could bore for hours on the subject. 

Claire published Life Purpose - How To Find Your Reason For Living in October 2015 and quickly followed it up with The Dear God Letters in August 2016 

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Claire being interviewed on Mike Savage's podcast 'A Savage Perspective'
Mike talks about being an author and the frustrations prior to and after publishing his book. Claire handles all of Mike’s promotions.

Claire interviewed by A Savage Perspective - Mike Savage

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