Christy Johnson

Christy Johnson, a graduate of Winston Salem State University, lives in a small city in North Carolina with her soon-to-be husband, Gerald Hargrove. Her interests have always been writing poetry and short stories. She is grateful to be able to expand her interests into her first series – Breathe. 

“Sometimes it’s better to fly alone than in a flock and go unnoticed.” –C.J.

Breathe Series Synopsis
Nora Jacobs 'longing to know more' grows when she has mysterious dreams of places she's never been and people she's never seen but something within her feels the connections to these places and people. 
The only thing she is sure of is the love she has for Riley Pemberton, a guy she met years ago, in a diner. A jolt brings the two lovers together but supernatural forces draws a wedge between the two, impelling Nora's love/hate relationship with him. After she's heartbroken by him, she begins to have troubling nightmares but these aren't just any nightmares. They could be warnings, visions, or worse, her past lives coming back to remind her that she will never be safe. 
Devin Miller, who seems to have her best interest at heart, steps into her life with selfish intentions but the more time Nora spends with him, the more she realizes that someone is definitely hiding something but who and what?

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Interview 22 October 2017

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