Christine Roney 

"Brilliant"    "Excellent read"

"If you love to curl up with a well written, engaging book that you just can't put down,

Beyond Stone by Christine Roney"

Christine Roney began her professional life by earning a Juris Doctor degree in California and practicing law at the trial and appellate levels. While writing briefs for the courts and advocating for her clients gave her much satisfaction, she eventually realized that she wanted to take a more artistic path.

She completed the professional screenwriting program at UCLA Film School and has written several screenplays. And although she loves the screenplay format, Christine decided that writing novels would allow her to delve much deeper into the characters that play around in her head.

When her high-heels were not echoing in the halls of justice, Christine studied sculpture at Otis College of Art and Design. So when she is not musing over her stories or pounding away on her laptop, she is sequestered in the quiet inner sanctum of her studio, with hammer and chisel in hand, searching for that one clear note, that poetic line that can only be expressed in stone.

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Interview 30 May 2017

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Interview 14 December 2017

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