Christine Cazes

Christine Conrad Cazes lives with her husband and her two dogs, a wire fox terrier and bichon frise, in Thornwood, Westchester County, New York. A teacher for more than 20 years, she continues to instruct elementary school children in reading and writing for the Mount Pleasant Central School District. The author enjoys family gatherings and activities, and loves traveling during holiday breaks.


PUNKIN is her first children's book about the magical journey of a young pumpkin. Her second book, GEM'S GIFT, is an action-packed story that continues the Westorchid series. It is about a young squirrel who learns the power of love. Both PUNKIN and GEM'S GIFT received The Pinnacle Book Achievement Award in the categories of Children's Interest and Children's Literary Fiction. Her current book, SHE NEVER ASKED FOR WINGS, features a family of swans who turn hardships into miracles!

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She Never Asked for WIngs

Family and friends turn hardships into miracles in the delightful children's story She Never Asked for Wings. Cob and Pen build their nest in the beautiful southern orchard of Westorchid, knowing that soon their baby swans will arrive. One evening, Pen lays her third egg at the very moment a star flickers, signalling that this swan will be special because it glistens under the stars.