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Dancing With Annie
Dancing With Annie

The 23rd of January 2014 will always be a profound date to both Annie and me. Annie went to sit outside and asked for a coffee, as I was making her coffee she called from outside saying, I don’t feel very well. I went to see her. Immediately I could see that my Annie who was sitting in a chair was having a seizure. At the hospital Annie had a scan and it was confirmed that she had a Subarachnoid Haemorrhage and the extent of the bleed was extensive.

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"A true love story"    "A must read for carers,survivors and those involved in the provision of care"

   "My heart goes out to Annie and Chris and others like them. I will never take life for granted"    

"A wake up call for all of us"

Prior to the 23rd January 2014 we were like any other family. Annie and I had been married for 37 years and had 3 children and 8 grandchildren.

Annie had had a career in Housing and Management and I was a Social Work Team Manager in Child Protection.

Through my work Annie and I have traveled the world, we have lived in the Falkland Islands and the Channel Islands (There must have been something about islands that draw us to these at times remote places).

Annie and I enjoyed every thing that any other couple of our age group and social standing would have enjoyed. We were financially ok, we enjoyed each others company, liked a drink and made the most of our family and friends, until the 23rd January 2014 when everything changed.

It’s now time to start our new normal.

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