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Celestial Publishing and Media was founded in 2014 by Victoria Johnson as an independent publishing house for her writing.  This vision later expanded to include editing and coaching for other writers.  As Victoria became immersed in this work her passion and knowledge increased, elevating Celestial Publishing and Media to become a hybrid publishing house, giving new and experienced author’s the best of both worlds.

In 2020 the company expanded to include marketing services, design, and writer’s workshop retreats


In 2021 the first multi-author project was launched, allowing people to tell their stories and become a bestselling author, opening the doors to new opportunities in their careers in several areas including podcasts, summits, and establishing them as an expert in their field. 

The vision going forward for Celestial Publishing and Media is to be of service to writers and contribute to their success while providing a trustworthy space for them to develop their writing from the beginning to the end of their project. 

Over the last several years, CEO Victoria Johnson has built a skilled and reliable team for each part of the process.  Victoria remains involved in each step and is hands-on treating your writing with the loving care it deserves.  She triple-checks the work at each phase and is the contact point for clients no matter how big or small the project is.  You can be assured you will be working with her directly benefiting from her knowledge and guidance.

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