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"If you need to remember how to love yourself again, this is for YOU!"

"I appreciate this book it is packed with great information. It makes you want to re-evaluate your life"

"I highly recommend any individual struggling with self worth or purpose to purchase such a great read"

"Self love and how we get there is a much needed dialogue and your book giving the insight on how you accomplished it. Thank you"

"Thanks for sharing your life experiences with us Dr. Smith"

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Dr. Britney Smith is a personal development coach that help women entrepreneurs create sustainability without having to sacrifice their personal lifestyles. She is also a catalyst for aspiring authors who have always dreamed of writing their first book.

For years, Dr. Smith battled with not having a clue who she was. Recognizing that her happiness starts from within and how she treated herself, she began investing in herself to discover purpose for her life. And yes, she found it! Fathoming that happiness is an inside job that should align with the outward expression of love for oneself was the greatest gift she could ever give herself. Dr. Smith uses her personal journey to inspire people and show people there is still hope and its not to late to start loving themselves and putting themselves first.

Dr. Smith’s favorite quote she developed after she set out to find purpose is “Investing in yourself is the CLUE to success and happiness!” Most importantly, Dr. Smith enjoys spending time with her husband, reading her bible, praying and having her alone time. She also enjoys spending time with family and friends, listening to music, meeting new people, traveling, and learning.

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