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Bob Seay


"I'm Bob Seay.  I live in Colorado with my wife Ginger and two Labrador retrievers that tend to sleep right where I can trip over them when I get up from my desk. When I'm not writing, I teach high school band, choir, and guitar classes. My book, "The Band Room", is based on some of my experiences as a classroom teacher. The characters are composites of students I have had over the years. My second book, "Dad", is more personal. While that book is fiction, the story draws heavily from my family's experiences as our parents got older. In both books, I am interested in family dynamics, our compassion towards others, and the idea that everyone is just doing the best they can."

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Bob's Book Talk Radio Club interview

Interview 26 September 2021

Bob Seay Interview 26 September 2021Book Talk Radio Club
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