Book Talk Radio Club Newsletter July 2018

Welcome new authors to Book Talk Radio Club! From Crime Thrillers to Historical Fiction, from Mysteries to YA Fiction from Self-Help to Fantasy, these authors are a talented bunch! Find out more about them below and when to listen in for their Book Talk Radio Club interviews. Samantha Fidler-Newby While growing up in a small city, Samantha learned how to escape the harsh words and treatment from her classmates at an early age. She dove into worlds that allowed her to find people she could understand and who would be kind to her. As she grew older, she found her passion for reading moving into a love for writing. She now considers herself a wordsmith who loves to create places for her charact

Book Talk Radio Club Newsletter June 2018

Here we are in June (where does the time go?) It's been a busy month for Book Talk Radio Club and BTRC Author Services. More Book Talk Radio Club interviews for very talented authors in all genres. BTRC Author Services is coming on leaps and bounds especially author website building, Facebook Header Videos and Book Trailers. Amazon have now taken it upon themselves to delete author reviews with no explanation and no notice whatsoever. I launched Keep Your Reviews Safe (more on this later in the newsletter) so that authors can keep their reviews and they will NEVER be deleted! I've been busy reading submissions for Book Talk Radio Club's Awards in November - there are some great books out the

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