Book Talk Radio Club Newsletter July 2017

Hi Book Lover! It’s been a busy few months since I launched Book Talk Radio Club. Did you know I launched it because as a self-published author, I know how difficult, time consuming and expensive it can be to market your own work. I was let down very badly at the last minute by a national radio station for an interview that would have reached thousands of potential readers, rather than be downcast by this, I thought to hell with it, I'll do it myself and start an online radio station kind of like talk radio but book talk radio and give my fellow self-published authors the voice they deserve and the marketing and promotion they desperately need. I’m proud to say I have received some wonderful

Book Talk Radio Club Newsletter June 2017

Hi Book Lover! Well here we are in June and Book Talk Radio Club is growing in leaps and bounds in fact I can honestly say I am having so much fun interviewing up and coming indie authors and promoting and marketing their books that I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else now. I have been receiving some of the most wonderful reviews and praise from Book Talk Radio Club’s authors - thank you so much, it’s very rewarding and I promise that I will continue to promote your books with every drop of enthusiasm within me! Welcome to Book Talk Radio Club: Cindy Stone Cindy Stone is an author, registered psychotherapist/hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and an advanced student of Baguaquan, and th

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