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Book Talk Radio Club was founded and launched in 2017 by Claire Harris to help authors gain exposure for their books via author interviews that are marked across social media and also syndicated to the top podcasts.


As a self-published author, Claire knows how hard it is to get your name out there. She was let down very badly by a national radio station that should know better and cancelled her on air interview to an audience of thousands at the last minute. Rather than stay angry and upset, she decided to see if she could set up her own internet radio station for authors - kind of like talk radio but 'Book Talk Radio'!

Claire has 30 years of marketing and promotions experience and whilst she won't promise you sales (run like the wind if someone does!) she will promise you a huge amount of exposure of your books and your author brand. You can read some of the five star reviews Claire receives from authors here and view her author marketing website here for Social Media Campaigns, Book Trailers, Author Websites and more

If you have any questions, you can always mail her at she'll be happy to answer them : )

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