Billy Nahn

A 30-year Director, Producer and Writer for National and International TV Advertisements. Billy has directed 3 Super Bowl commercials and oversaw the International Production of TV ads for He traveled extensively for over two-years filming commercials in South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and the UK.
2019 Literary Awards;
* Award-Winning Finalist in the Travel: Guides & Essays category of the 2019 Best Book Awards
* Award-Winning Finalist in Travel, Independent Author Network


He and his wife, Shanie,  live in Fountain Hills, Arizona.


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Interview 30 November 2019

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Love in the Eye of the Storm

A dramatic true story about being on a Caribbean Island during one of the largest hurricanes in modern history. Love, friendship, survival and gracious luck all come into play during this harrowing ordeal. My wife Shanie and I were celebrating a much delayed honeymoon and her being cancer-free for over six years. We were to spend a month on Saint Martin. Shanie had been to island twice before with her best friend and had fallen head over heels with the Caribbean destination...