Beverley Latimer

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Beverley Latimer grew up in the city of Leeds in West Yorkshire. She now lives in a small rural village in North Yorkshire with her husband.
It has long been Beverley’s ambition to write a novel, but as a wife and mother, along with holding down a full-time job, she never had the time.
Now, with her family grown-up with busy lives of their own, Beverley finally has the time to fulfil her ambition.

Beverley’s first book, HANNAH, was released in August of this year, although she began writing it two years ago. HANNAH, although a piece of fiction, is very loosely based on Beverley’s own experience of being a victim of domestic violence. Beverley was able to draw on her own experience when writing, Hannah’s story. It is a powerful account of a very young woman’s courage, and of how she eventually freed herself from a situation, in which she had been trapped for a number of years. Beverley hopes that the book will be an inspiration to other victims of abuse.

Beverley’s second book, ESTHER’S JOURNEY, is also a story of courage and survival, during one of the worst cases of genocide, during WW2.
Esther, who is the central figure, endures, and survives, the horrors of the notorious extermination camp. Auschwitz. The book follows her amazing journey after liberation. 


Beverley’s third book, THE WINEMAKER’S SON, is in the process of being published and will be available in the summer of 2022.

Beverley loves nature and wide- open spaces. She can often be found walking on the North Yorkshire Moors with her husband.
She loves travel, and has visited, India, South-East Asia, and Canada, and many other places around the globe. Beverley believes in equality for all and hates any kind of injustice! She is particularly passionate about the rights of women and children and their right to live a life free of abuse!

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