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Richard Wall, author of Fat Man Blues, Hank Williams' Cadillac & more
"Book Talk Radio is a novel approach to book blogging (no pun intended). Claire is a skilled interviewer, who quickly puts her guests at ease and offers intelligent and thought-provoking questions that invite conversation and keeps listeners engaged."

Evadeen Brickwood, Young Adult Sci-Fi & Cosy Mysteries author
"Stunning, innovative author promotion that goes far beyond your usual service. Claire brings books to life with her interviews and readers love it."
Rohini Singh, Trinidad's first published female Science Fiction author
"I had the pleasure of being interviewed on Book Talk Radio Club by Claire Perkins.  Claire not only cleverly discussed my book, but she also made me remember why I love writing. She is definitely doing an excellent job in assisting authors in building a fan base. She has a gentle way of talking and making the author feel relaxed and comfortable. 
Thank you Claire! You are doing a fantastic job!"
Anna Everett, author of the popular Holistic Alchemist & Spirit of Seven series
"What an excellent platform for authors.  Claire has a vision and she is rapidly making it a reality. The Book Talk Radio Club is an ideal way for authors to gain visibility and showcase their work. My interview was excellent and I really enjoyed chatting to Claire.  I would highly recommend her service to authors everywhere!"
Sue Ziang, author of Young Mind Young Body

It was lovely chatting with you throughout our interview and afterwards. As an author with a message rippling my healing impact in a world bombarded with stress induced epidemic, I find your service very valuable. You make it easy to work with you, and the process is very enjoyable. I love the thought provoking questions you ask, which no doubt will help our listeners put their vibrant health as top priority in life; let's face it, there is nothing without vibrant health as support.


For many of us who have been burying our head in the words and books, it is very inspiring to find resources and help as yours to walk along the journey spreading the universal messages that come through us with our unique signature input.


Thank you again for being who you are and doing what you do.


Peace and love,


Guy Singer, author of Starboy, The White Building & The Tea Room:The Buddha's Eye

"I want to say a huge thanks for Claire's work in promoting my books and my brand. The quantity of time she spent and the amount of interest it has generated have been so surprising. I can only recommend her services to anyone interested. I was particularly pleased with the professional way my interview on Book Talk Radio was conducted. Claire made me feel at ease, and the interview was extremely smooth. After the talk, the interview was posted swiftly and also added to the promotional tools Claire used. "

Christine Roney, author of Beyond Stone

"It’s so great what Claire Perkins is doing with Book Talk Radio Club to help authors promote their books. The refreshing style of her interview skillfully drew out information about me as an author and sculptor and tied that information to questions that provided an opportunity for conversation about my novel."

Cheryl Meyer, author of It Feels Good To Feel Good

"You are a peach and I am very sincere when I tell you that you have done an extraordinary job marketing my book and me. I have learned so much just from watching you. I will continue to recommend you when ever possible. You are worth every penny. Thanks for everything."

Cindy Stone, author of Scorpion: The Myriad Series

"Claire Perkins asks great questions. I've been interviewed many times on national tv and radio shows and Claire got to the core of my message and highlighted all of what was important to readers about my book. THANK YOU Claire Perkins."

David Videcette, author of The Theseus Paradox & The Detriment

"Claire was very well researched on all aspects of my work and my books, and she asked pertinent questions on the show. I felt relaxed and comfortable during my interview and Claire was courteous and efficient at all times. Thank you for the opportunity to appear on Book Talk Radio Club!"