A.R. Hetherington

A.R. Hetherington writes fantasy fiction for the junior and middle grade age range. Her action packed series has had wonderful feedback from girls and boys, teachers, parents and grandparents. The author teaches part time and visits schools to lead courses in creative writing. She is passionate about inspiring our next generation of writers, bloggers, reviewers and journalists. If you love time travel, fantastic creatures, quests, fearless friendships, magic and mystery then this is the author for you. AR Hetherington loves to snorkel and travel; she has swum with sharks and survived a plane crash. She adores myths and legends from all cultures and her favourite thing is to cuddle up with her 2 gorgeous spaniels whilst immersing herself in brilliant books. The author grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland and now lives in the English countryside. She keeps fluffy fancy hens all named after inspirational women whilst dreaming of more exciting adventures in hot sunny places.

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Interview 02 March 2020

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Interview 06 December 2019

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