Annette Swann

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"Great read"

"Moving true story of strength, love and growth"

"Such a powerful testimony of grit and courage"

"I loved reading your book it made me feel closer to you"

"Annette, your book is a great read"

Growing up in Melbourne, Australia, Annette tells the struggle of surviving severe third degree burn injuries at the tender age of 9, as the result of one irresponsible adult’s actions at a Christmas BBQ. Annette shares the last days of her ‘normal’ childhood before her life changed; it tells her story in great detail of the day she was scarred for life. Burnt Face is an emotionally moving story about the profound impact the horrific scars made to her childhood and follows her struggle into adolescence. It is a story of friendships, overcoming bullying and growing into a strong and rebellious teen in the notorious suburb of Broadmeadows, known for boisterous youth and gangs during the 70s and 80s. Follow Annette‘s torment of not being like other girls, to how one kiss on New Year’s Eve would change her world. This is the story of growing up with a Burnt Face.

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