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Anita Allen


I was born in what was then called Rhodesia. We spent fifteen years in war. The division between the communists and anti-communists caused the fighting to spill over the Rhodesian borders. Neighbouring African nations, supported primarily by North Korea, China, and the Soviet Union, utilized communist material support to begin launching guerrilla attacks on Rhodesia. On the 12th December 1979 the war ended. The following February 1980, elections were held and Robert Mugabe secured a landslide victory. Rhodesia was given a funeral and Zimbabwe was born.

I've had in many instances an upside down but interesting life. The picture people see of me today consists of hundreds of different colour threads woven into my life tapestry. All my past relationships good and bad, past encounters, the people who have touched my life, lessons learned, are all woven into an intricate unique design. Like a finger print. I used to think if only I could go back in time knowing what I do today. Just think of all the pain I could avoid. However, as I have got older, fatter and more wrinkled, I have come to realise how all those drama's have made me who I am today. Truth be told, I wouldn't change a thing.

Twenty years ago at the age of thirty two I moved to the UK. It was an enormous move to make and a challenge to say the least. I had been to the UK a couple of times on business and holiday. However moving here was done wearing a blind fold. It was difficult to settle into this calm and peaceful way of life after having come from living with a daily threat to your life. Being naïve and more than a little immature, I got involved in what can only be described as a tumultuous relationship with entirely the wrong man. This on and off relationship stretched out for fourteen years.

I walked into that relationship a confident young woman and came out the other side an emotional wreck. Although many friends and family tried to talk sense into me, it amounted to nothing. My life finally changed when I rescued an Aussie Shepherd puppy who I named Finley. Caring for that sick, fragile and scared puppy brought me to my senses. I never realised what an incredible bond you can build with a dog. Finley, saved my soul. I owe him a deep debt of gratitude.

Today, I am married to the most wonderful man and together we have rescued an additional three dogs. How my life has changed. Had a genie popped out the bottle a few years ago and given me the choice to go back in time, I would have missed meeting my husband and living the happy, content life that I do. Today I know that each step I have taken, all those obstacles and painful experiences, were all leading me to a much higher place.

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